Anna Jones

Headteacher at Shamblehurst Primary School

"Carmen is a magic weaver when it comes to teaching maths. I have seen children's attitudes to the subject change overnight. She is a passionate and caring teacher, who gets results!"

Anne Parker

Headteacher at Brockhurst & Riders

"I have had the pleasure of Carmen teaching in two schools where I have been a headteacher. She is the most amazing teacher, taking each individual child forward in their learning. If there's a misconception, she will rewind and rectify the problem so the child can continue their journey in maths. She makes maths seem easy to everyone by cementing conceptions using practical apparatus and practical problem solving. Carmen has high standards in all her teaching and is determined that children make the best possible progess in the time allowed. Carmen is calm and has a lovely personality."

Katie Swain


"Carmen has tutored both my children at year 4 and year 6 levels. She has been patient and taken time to explain and enable them to feel empowered in their ability through problem solving and well planned out lessons with feedback given to them which has helped them to identify and reduce anxiety about Maths. Lessons were fun, well pitched and personal to each child recognising their preferred style of learning. I would whole heartedly recommend Carmen as a tutor. My children have benefitted from the care and expertise and have enjoyed their lessons."

Sarah and Adam Glasspool


"Our children are not academics but they particularly struggle with maths and we think this is a lot to do with confidence! In maths you are either right or wrong and our children lost confidence every time they were wrong, and they were a-lot! Carmen came into their lives and was so kind and patient with them, teaching them both new methods and helping perfect old ones! 

We watched their confidence grow over such a short time because they trusted her and liked her so much. They told us, Carmen always asked them about other things that they are good at, (like sport) and this made them feel important and that someone cared, this in turn made their confidence rise! Carmen told them, always try your best but you can only do what you can do and this seemed to take the pressure off them, which made them want to learn more, (for her and for themselves!)

As parents, if there was a method we were not sure of either, Carmen would always have time to run over it with us and nothing was too much trouble. Our children are richer for meeting this lovely talented lady."

Debbi Baldanza

Family Member

"I contacted Carmen to ask her if she would teach Silvana my 7 year old Italian cousin English via video link. We are now several weeks into the tuition and we are delighted on how much progress Silvana is making. More importantly Silvana absolutely loves how Carmen mixes up the lessons to include numbers, animals, plants, colours, people etc. Also, little quizzes and puzzles, the format Carmen uses is fun and completely interactive. 

Our little family feels incredibly privileged to have Carmen’s teaching experience and expertise. The advantages of one to one personal tuition is proving to be invaluable as it has given Silvana so much confidence in speaking English. 

Carmen is just so lovely, kind and patient, her teaching style is everything we could have hoped for. Silvana absolutely loves Carmen and looks forward to her lessons. I highly recommend Carmen, her many years and love of teaching is very evident."